On-line Questionnaires, Investigations and Information Systems for Public Health

Voozanoo™ is the web-based platform for creating surveys and information systems for public health.

Using open source technologies and backed by certification for hosting personal health data by the French ministry of health, Voozanoo™ is the IT platform developed by EpiConcept to build health IT systems. Voozanoo is a tool created by a team of software engineers, biostatisticians and epidemiologists and is free to use. With Voozanoo™ you can create questionnaires and develop information systems which respond to the specific needs of those in the health services sector.

Voozanoo 3

Voozanoo™ 3 is the current version of Voozanoo™ used by EpiConcept to create questionnaires and complex information systems.

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Powered by Voozanoo™, Wepi is a complete integrated environment that allows basic questionnaire creation and dissemination for filling in on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

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Voozanoo 123

You can access all of your Voozanoo™ 123 questionnaires here. Although we recommend you step up to the more powerful Wepi application, feel free to keep using your Voozanoo 123 account. Contact us at info@voozanoo.net if you would like to migrate your current questionnaires from Voozanoo 123 to Wepi.

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Data Security

EpiConcept has put into place a data security policy that fulfils the legal and ethical requirements associated with hosting personal medical files. Voozanoo™ is ASIP certified.

When should I use Wepi and when should I use Voozanoo?

If you are not sure whether to use Wepi or Voozanoo for your next information collection project, consider the following.

Wepi was designed to be used by non-technical people. As such, we didn't want to make it complicated with lots of functions -- therefore it will necessarily have limits. Wepi allows you to create a questionnaire and distribute it (make it available via the Internet or on smartphones or tablets as an application) to many people, or to have a handfull of people fill it in multiple times, creating many records. It is ideal for a case report form or registering people to be part of a group or any “one-shot” data collection activity. It allows you to collect information about something over one determined time period, for exemple, a disease outbreak, collecting specimens, logging auto accidents, collecting opinions or votes, or other cases of an “event”. These are acticvities where you will not need to go back to the event and add new information later.

If you need to collect information over time on an individual, an animal, a plant, or some entity subject to change over time, Wepi would not be the right tool. Often, one first wants to enter information about an entity, such as its name, date of birth, sex, or other characteristics that identify this entity, a sort of initial registration that doesn't change. Then, every day or week or other time period, one will want to collect changing status information about one of those particular entities. For example, in patient care, it might be important to save the patient's blood pressure, pulse, and weight information. This can be considered as monitoring, surveillance, or follow up over time. Thus, one can see that the values taken over time need a specific database structure which is known as a relational database. Voozanoo allows you to make this kind of information system, Wepi does not.​